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Gold deposits officially doubled at once!

Gold deposits officially doubled at once! New mega drilling program announced!

BREAKING NEWS: Mawson doubles its gold deposits in Finland!
Another gigantic 20,000m drilling program starts this year!
Mawson Gold (NYSE: MAW) is a must-have for every depot.
Yesterday’s report shows again which gold treasure you are sitting on in Finland! The confirmed gold deposits doubled in one fell swoop! And that is just the beginning!
The prices are still inadequate, but in the medium term, massive profits can be on the price list. Like a good wine, the company matures slowly but very steadily and keeps getting better! With the upcoming reports, we expect significantly higher prices soon!
Since other news expected by the end of the year, we firmly assume that it will break the yearly record of 37 cents soon. So it could go over 50 cents very quickly. Top reports like yesterday evening put the company on the list of institutional gold investors!

Mawson doubles resource in Finland !!!!
New extensive drilling program announced!
The gold resource can thus continue to grow significantly!
Correction phase in the share price offers special bargain prices!
Just yesterday evening, the company published an excellent report that will further drive the extremely positive trend at Mawson. The message clearly shows the milestones already indicated by management, which now adhered one after the other. The company is 100% on the road to success and schedule.
The last few months work paid off and now confirmed with the doubling of the current resource in Finland. Mawson now has 700,000 confirmed gold ounces and will probably come to well over 1 million ounces with the next drill program!
As a result, the old inferred resource of December 2018 with 4.3 million tons at 2.3 g / t gold and 430 ppm cobalt could even double to 9.0 million tons at 2.1 g / t gold and 570 ppm cobalt. Mineralization is 2.5 g / t gold equivalent for 716,000 ounces gold equivalent at 0.3 g / t gold equivalent in open pit and 1.1 g / t gold equivalent in underground. The current resource calculated from the Raja, Palokas (including Palokas and South Palokas) and Rumajärvi areas.

Source: Mawson Gold
These new results are critical intermediate steps on the way to a great resource, as suggested by management and geologists. This will take the additional risk out of the project for investors, and it will be interesting to see when the neighbouring producers will strike!
Another indication that supports the assumption is the early discovery of high-quality trends in the Raja and Palokas zones. It can be assumed that these high-grade trends will develop at the intersection between reactive host rocks and steep to vertical dipping, fracture-controlled hydrothermal changes. The growth potential remains high as the resource areas are open in all directions.

Another MEGA drilling program over 20,000m is to increase resources in Finland again drastically! With five drilling rigs, you want to get started as quickly as possible!
Mawson wouldn’t be Mawson if management sat back now to celebrate his success. But on the contrary! The company is stepping up again and is already starting the next even more extensive drilling program in December to bring the resource into the multi-million-ounce range gradually.
Also, the company starts with 5 !!! Drilling rigs at the same time to create new facts as quickly as possible. Mawson, of course, has the enormous advantage of having a full cash register, which means that further exploration work can start promptly!
It is therefore advisable for investors to use the latest correction phase to find an entry as soon as possible because every new borehole can heat the price again. If you prefer to join the course now, you don’t have to worry about having to chase after the time later!
The primary focus of the 20-kilometre drill program is on confirming high-grade resource areas to the stated status and expanding and identifying recurring high-grade zones.
Another focus is defining target areas near previously drilled resource areas, testing the depth extensions of the underground resource areas, and reviewing historical drilling. You can assume that a flood of company news is to be expected, so the last months of the year will be inspiring again.

The 1 million ounce gold equivalent mark is only a matter of time!
Mawson had just completed its extremely successful drilling program with a total length of 14,000m in Finland. As was to be expected, the company already shone there with top results.
Thus, the most resonant mineralized interval drilled to date at Palokas intersected PAL0236, 4.9 meters grading 18.0 g / t gold, 1,236 ppm cobalt, 18.8 g / t gold equivalent from meters 449.7 including 2.0 meters grading 31.2 g / t gold from 452.6 meters. These values ​​are excellent and show the enormous potential that is still present in the soil here.
Non-stop gold finds – further drill results are as follows:
PAL0227: 5.0 meters at 5.9 g / t Au, 679 ppm Co, 6.3 g / t AuEq from 294.2 meters
PAL0227: 7.8 meters at 1.3 g / t Au, 516 ppm Co, 1.6 g / t AuEq from 308.0 meters
PAL0227: 9.2 meters at 0.7 g / t Au, 840 ppm Co, 1.2 g / t AuEq from 321.8 meters
PAL0227: 4.7 meters at 2.6 g / t Au, 56 ppm Co, 2.7 g / t AuEq from 334.0 meters
Gold content of 1.4 grams was In a depth of 294.2 meters in a 44.6-meter complete section (not capped) drilled through / t and a cobalt content of 452 ppm or 1.6 g / t gold equivalent; This includes a 5.0-meter entire area with 5.9 g / t Au, 679 ppm Co or 6.3 g / t gold equivalent from 294.2 meters.
The hole located between 40 and 70 meters west of the previously reported hole PAL0222, which intersected 7.2 meters at 21.7 g / t gold from 267.9 meters.
Hole PAL0230 on the Raja area also intersected 4.0 meters at 2.5 g / t gold of 551.0 meters, including 1 meter at 6.9 g / t gold, 204 ppm cobalt, 7.0 g / t AuEq and is located 300 meters from the 2018 resource and 550 meters vertically and 900 meters from the surface.
The confirmed gold deposits in Finland alone would justify a significantly higher market capitalization. We’re not talking about a few cents here, but at least doubling the current rate.
Best of all: The mega option in Australia is now slowly coming into play! A spin-off of the Australian gold projects into a new company is also possible. The shareholders would then receive these new shares as dividends, i.e. virtually for free! A lucrative additional opportunity!
The Victorian goldfields are currently the hottest place in the world! Mawson Gold could attract everyone’s attention there promptly!!
The Redcastle project area is one of the most significant historical high-grade goldfields in Victoria, and the first of the three historic central Victorian goldfields mined.
Mining in nearby Costerfield and Fosterville did not begin until later in the 1860s and 1890s. Now Mawson wants to show that Redcastle is still the most productive and high-grade area in Victoria.
Therefore Mawson starts extensive geophysical investigations. These include above all induced polarization as well as shear force and soil magnetics. The resulting information, in combination with historical data, is used to understand better and interpret the geological system.
Australia – the million jackpot for all Mawson Gold shareholders!
So Mawson is finally starting to cash its million-dollar ticket for shareholders, and the good thing is that all investors will be winners! With a little patience, this company can make you rich! But watch out, only those who play can win !!
You determine the amount of the profit yourself; you have to get enough pieces in the depot. But at Mawson, there is a big difference to a lottery !! There are no rivets at Mawson Gold because there is enough gold in Finland alone for a much higher rating!
With Mawson Gold (NYSE: MAW) you now have three jackpot tickets for the main prize! Because in Finland you are already sitting on a secured and confirmed gold deposit that is continuously growing! The only question here is how fast!
And on the other hand, you have the mega option Australia: Here too, the use of hot air avoided, but the first resilient drill holes will soon be delivered to the shareholders! On the one hand in Victoria and now also in Queensland !!!
Mawson Gold is sitting in a gigantic portfolio of exceptionally high-grade areas !!! Soon everything can go very quickly!
The great thing about Mawson Gold (NASDAQ: MAW) is that it doesn’t have to put everything on one card, quasi hop or top. Mawson has an abundance of historic mines in Australia, many of which have significant potential.

As you can see from the map, Redcastle offers a whole bunch of possible direct hits.
Gold grades of 93-418 g / t measured in the mines of the Beautiful Venus Group in 1894. All of this at a time when no modern equipment was available for exploration studies. It is therefore very likely that only a fraction of the sometimes extremely high-grade deposits was mined or found at all in the 1900 century.
Mawson has launched a detailed geophysics program in Redcastle and will be completing 5,000-meter diamond drilling on both the Sunday Creek and Redcastle projects in the Victorian goldfields. These results can already point the way, so it would be advisable to invest in advance. If the 52-week high surpassed in the coming weeks, the way up is free. Therefore Prices over 50 cents should be reached relatively quickly.
Due to the abundance of extremely positive results that we expect from all areas, the current setback offers every investor a new entry or purchase opportunity!
SILVER LEVER! Mawson can benefit tremendously here too! The new wells in the Mt. Isa area should hit a lot of silver!
The area around the “Mount Isa” block is one of the most metal-rich regions of the world. It contains 5% of the world’s silver resources, 1.7% of the world’s copper resources, 21.2% of the world’s leading resources and 11% of the world’s zinc resources within numerous World-class mines.

Source: Mawson Gold; Map of the Mt Isa SE project showing exploration permits, competitors, outcrop areas, gravity structures, and the F11 drill target.
Queensland Government Funds $ 200,000 Deep Drilling! The area runs right next to one of the largest silver mines in the world.
Mawson has received $ 200,000 in funding from the Collaborative Exploration Initiative (CEI) to fund deep drilling for silver, copper and gold near the world-class Cannington silver-lead mine.
The Mt Isa block extends far below a 100-500 meter cover in the south, as it unfolds over a total of 600 kilometres on the surface. The “F11″ deep hole is part of Mawson’s Mt Isa SE project, which includes a new search area on the eastern edge of the Mt Isa block.
The company expects high-grade mineralization here. We can look forward to the results of this well with great excitement.
In Mt Isa, Mawson has put together a large land package along the strike and parallel to South32 Ltd’s Cannington silver mine, which was the ninth-largest silver producer in the world at 12.3 ounces in 2019.
In the early 2000s, Cannington was the world’s largest single silver producer, accounting for around 6% of world primary silver production. The deposit styles sought for at F11 include both Cannington Silver-Zinc (Broken Hill-type) and Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG). We assume that Mawson now has the potential to find large quantities of high-grade silver as well.
After the silver price skyrocketed to over $ 26 in the past weeks, this would be an absolute jackpot for Mawson. Mind you that would be the third jackpot in addition to the existing resource in Finland and the sensational areas drilled in Victoria.
Mawson owes three premium projects added to the 17 million CAD. This way you can develop a company at high speed. But watch out, the price should not stay at this deficient level for much longer. A steep climb is no rocket science with the results to come.
The company has established a significant position of 483 square kilometres of issued exploration licenses in the Cloncurry district of Mt Isa over a combined strike of 60 kilometres. South32 Ltd and Sandfire Resources Ltd surround it. You couldn’t find a better place strictly between two gigantic mines. The chance of finding what you are looking for in this area is therefore very high.
In short, now it’s down under, and for our readers, this means there is no time to lose and stock up on pieces from Mawson Gold (NASDAQ: MAW). The countdown is running.
Why now is the ideal time to join Mawson Gold!
These points speak for a purchase!
One of the few top mining areas in Europe
Mawson Resources changes its name to Mawson Gold.
Numerous big players and producers in the immediate vicinity
Extensive drilling program with more than 14,000m completed
The new drilling program in Finland over 20,000m starts in December.
Confirmed resource in Finland doubled to more than 700 ounces in 20 months.
Top infrastructure in Finland
Absolute legal security with a stable, west-oriented government in Finland
The low number of shares is outstanding.
Extremely undervalued stock compared to project progress.
The flagship project ‘Rompas-Rajapalot’ has the potential to increase the estimates of ounces of gold significantly!
Management estimate that the resource will expand to up to 3 million ounces of gold equivalent over the next 12-15 months
High gold price at over $ 1,900
Proven and experienced management team
Big players such as B. Newmont Mining involved in the long term
New gold project in Victoria (Australia) with a gigantic area of ​​3,600 km² and considerable exploration potential
Redcastle land package near Fosterville and Costerfield
Sunday Creek begins an extensive drilling program including 5,000m diamond drilling.
Financing for a total of CAD 18 million at current rates completed.
4.9 meters grading 18.0 g / t gold, 1,236 ppm cobalt, 18.8 g / t gold equivalent as the final drill result
Well now also in Queensland (Australia) right next to one of the largest silver mines in the world.
CONCLUSION: Mawson takes off! We expect a lot more news.”
Mawson Gold (NASDAQ: MAW) could even trump our mega-successes, such as Amex Exploration or MetalsTech in the coming months.
The company surprised with another premium project in Queensland, Australia. Deep drilling is pending there, financed with USD 200,000 by the Queensland government. The up-and-coming area is adjacent to the South32 Ltd Cannington silver mine, one of the largest silver mines in the world.
The company also has enormous potential with its flagship project in Finland! Here, step by step, an estimated resource of up to 3 million ounces of gold equivalents with a current expected value of over USD 5.8 billion. The confirmed resources now doubled to 716,000 ounces gold equivalent. But with the new drilling program and five drilling rigs, things should go fast now and drive the guaranteed deposits up!
With the newly started exploration work in Finland and Australia, further drilling in Finland can start in the third quarter. Everything will also launch soon in Victoria, Australia. At the latest, with the drilling results from Australia, Mawson’s course can enter a completely new league. In Finland alone, a 20,000m drilling program with five drilling rigs will start this year to create new facts as quickly as possible. Continuous results are therefore already preprogrammed here.
We have very high expectations for the Australian drill results from Redcastle and Sunday Creek, as well as the new Queensland area! We see enormous potential here to find the extremely high-grade deposits that were already mined many years ago at depth again.
With the help of the current full cash register, the company can shift up another two gears. Mostly the projects like Redcastle or Sunday Creek in Australia can now be adequately fired!
Looking at the peer group ratings, the projects in Australia (Victoria) alone should be worth more than CAD 110 million. This factor alone corresponds to a rate of 70-75 cents. So more than double the current rating !!!
Many large and well-known addresses such as B. Newmont Mining have long-term investments. Maybe an Agnico Eagle will be added soon. So don’t miss the start, because we believe the most significant risk is not to be there! As always, we can only show you the opportunities; you have to use them yourself!